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Social Media

Social Media Content For Realtors

Let us handle all the back end work...You concentrate on landing clients! Social Media setup is time consuming. We do everything for you except sell.

A closer look at our value added commitment

Social Media Pages are like chickens...if you don't feed them they won't lay eggs. Some pages like FB need daily postings. Others like Google My Business and Linkedin get by with less frequent postings. When we post for you we add your logo to the image, host the image and do all the postings. Our postings are image based. Some examples are on this page.

See sample FaceBook page showing posts for Reid Realty Group.

We are working for you each and every day. Our Social Media Posting Service is $50 per month. If you are wanting some sizzle for your FB, GMB and LinkedIn, then this is for you.

Our posting service includes:

  1. Daily FB Posts with Branded Graphics.
  2. Weekly GoogleMyBusiness Posts.
  3. LinkedIn Posts twice a week.